Chilean Club Palestino Fined for #1

Palestino, a Chilean club founded by immigrants in the 1920’s, has been fined by National Association of Professional Football of Chile for showing their support for their homeland.  The team has started to use an interesting ‘custom’ #1 on the team jersey.  The #1 is represented by a depiction of Palestine in 1947 before the creation of Israel.

The team was fined approximately $441 per game that they used the jersey with a total fine of $1,300 and they were forced to stop using their custom #1.

"The figure one was replaced by a map of the historic Palestine, before the United Nations resolution of Nov. 20 1947 which established a Jewish state and an Arab state," said the complaint Patrick Kiblisky, club president of Nublense who is Jewish.

"This map, which does not take into account the present state of Israel, is a symbol for the Palestinian people. These circumstances mean that its use constitutes a political matter."

After the opening 3 games of the campaign, Palestino is in 2nd place in Chile’s top division on 7 points.  The won the Premiera Division in 1955 and 1978 and have finished as runners-up 4 times with the most recent coming in 2008.

The club has stated that they started wearing the jersey with the #1 in December 2013 but are not going to fight the fine or requirement to change the number.

“We accept the resolution and we will change our uniform,” Fernando Aguad president of Palestino said.  

The club added a comment on their facebook page saying, "For us, free Palestine will always be historical Palestine, nothing less.